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GPS Inspections LTD provides a bespoke perimeter and signage checking system which is linked to Satellite imagery.


The produced digital reports have accurately embedded images and information pertaining to any problems that could leave you, your site and company open to prosecution.

The report issued enables the responsible person to quickly identify any perimeter or signage issues, and give clear instructions to the maintenance personnel to repair or replace exactly what is required and precisely where, so reducing any potential issues and time it may usually take to do so.

A monthly inspection helps the operator build a plan of their perimeter and signage and make changes as required, also showing continuous improvement and commitment to Health and Safety.

All information can be easily shared by all as required, in or outside of the company concerned.

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All too frequently people (many young) are injured or killed because of failed perimeter fencing and incorrect or missing signage, this results in prosecution and fines levered against Companies and individuals and the trauma faced by Families.

Are you, your company and Health and Safety department confident your perimeter is completely secure in every part of the perimeter?

Are you confident your signage is in place where it should be and is clean, correct and can be understood?

Does the process that you have in place show you check your complete perimeter, and that you can clearly show all your signage is in place, if it is we commend you on a job being done well.

If you think there may be a potential to be an issue, and want to be able to show a clear informative easy to understand process, that can show continuous improvement by yourself and your company and a clear commitment to Health and Safety, contact us at GPS Inspections, we will visit your site or management team and show you what we can provide to help you improve your site and Company Health and Safety.

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